An Evening Excerpt into the Deep

“Deep calls to deep at the roar of your waterfalls; all your breakers and your waves have gone over me…”

Psalm 42:7

This was meant to be a facebook post… and has become a blog.  I hope you read it still. 

First, some eye candy from my first trip to Colorado.  Yes, I actually fell in love there- with the state.  😉


(Photo Credit: Me, Boulder and Estes Park, CO) IMG_6434

Realizing that who we are now is far more important than who we used to be or who we think we’re becoming.  We (the global “we” of most people I’ve ever met) always talk about living in the moment. But do we think about who we are in that moment? No, we’re not meant to be self-focuesed in life… on the contrary- we need to be self-aware.

Be aware that in reality- life is SHORT.  Time is limited.  Moments turn into days, days into months… months into years… years into the whole of life. Therefore, each moment is a new chance to transform or to digress.


#ijustinsertedturkeysintothepostfornoreason #yesthoseareturkeys #noreason #becauseican

Do we currently burn for the kind of passions that will last forever? Does our schedule reflect our “belief system” at all? Is it merely a belief system and not your actual lifestyle?

Do we choose to make “priorities” a priority? Do we love? Not only ourselves, but people from other faith back-grounds? Do we know the truth of how to love in a pure way? Are we patient? Kind? Forbearing in love? Gentle? Tender-hearted? Forgiving (if we’ve been forgiven)? Do we get angry easily? Do we hold offense toward people? Are we bitter?

Have we ever cared enough to ask ourselves that?

Do we love anyone other than ourselves? Do we love ourselves (not in the self-obsessed kind of way… just a “taking good care of” self way)? Do we take good care of our inner being; mind, soul, spirit, heart?  How do we know we’re doing that?   Are we relaxed or stressed?

Have you ever thought of what that would look like if you did? Where would you go? What would you do? Would you spend more time alone?

Do we wake up with thankfulness toward what we’ve been given, or a complaint if things are perfectly the way we want them to be?

Sometimes an inner complaint is a sensor telling us that things are not right. And sometimes, they’re not. Listen to that sense and ask yourself what you can do to step into a better situation. Do you need to reach out for help with that?  Can I help you, personally?

Some of these questions (not all) I’m asking myself. And though I know I can’t answer “yes” to the good things perfectly and “no” to the bad things perfectly… at least I’m aware.  I’m looking at it all directly in the eye.  The damaged is assessed.  The plan to overcome- step by step is getting set up.   The flaws are ever so apparent.  And guess what?  That’s totally ok with me!

Why is it ok?  Because I’m giving it ALL to the God on the throne who gives LIFE from the DEAD- hope to the hopeless and fullness to the desolate.  He is the way- not just in this life- but in the life to come (after death!).  He is the only way and He has promised to give me everything that I need!  

He is who I want to be just exactly like. He is my vision and my goal. My dream. He fills all in all and keeps making all things new. The best part of it is… 1. He’s not an imaginary friend- He’s real. 2. He cares for you just as much as He cares for me, 3. He can be yours too if you invite Him in. His name is Yahushua. 🙂

Love you ALL!   Goodnight from Fredericksburg, VA.


Written by: Rachel Moberley


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